Eric T. Reynolds (ericreynolds) wrote,
Eric T. Reynolds

Free Romance & SF stories for Kindle from Hadley Rille Books

February 13th and 14th only, download these Romance and SF stories from Hadley Rille Books for free to Kindle from Amazon. Don't have a Kindle? Get a free reading app for your PC, MAC, iPad, tablet, Blackberry, etc.

8 titles for free. Hard to beat that.

Jingle romance fairy tale short story by Terri-Lynne DeFino

Creatures of Light romance fantasy short story by Karin Rita Gastreich

The Librarian of Talimbourne romance fantasy short story by Kim Vandervort

Cupid for a Day romance fantasy novelette by Julia Dvorin

Faire Aria romance fantasy novelette by Kim Vandervort

The Poets of Pevana romance fantasy novel by Mark Nelson

Anti-aging machine-etr2a-lr
Toto's Anti-aging Machine science fiction short story by Galit Dahan-Carlibach

Taking Care of Old Burt science fiction short story by Eric T Reynolds (Thursday only)

Hadley Rille Books
Tags: free books, kindle, romance, science fiction, valentine's day

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