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May 2019



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Hadley Rille Books Call for Submissions

Hadley Rille Books Call for Submissions

Book Title: Ruins Excavation
Editors: Eric T. Reynolds & Rose Reynolds
Publisher: Hadley Rille Books
Publication: 2014
Formats: Ebook, Print, and maybe Audio.
Genre: An anthology of Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance, Historical, and Mainstream stories with an Archaeology theme.

I'll keep it simple and let you, the author, figure out how to do it, but there are some requirements to follow.  (Note, these are *requirements* so if these aren't satisfied, then I can't accept the story, even if it's fantastically fantastic.) How you want to handle these requirements is up to you, just make it good!

Story requirements:

1) The protagonist is a Woman of Color who is an Archaeologist. (The cover art will reflect this.)
2) The protagonist will encounter/be working in Ruins somewhere on Earth.
3) These ruins can be on anywhere on Earth. Real or Fictitious ruins are fine. (If you set your story in known ruins, do your homework!)
4) No gratuitous sex or violence.
5) The story can be from 1500 to 6000 words.
6) Will begin accepting stories on 1-Oct-2013.
7) Deadline for stories: 28-Feb-2014.
8) Send the story in .rtf format as an attachment to this address (without the spaces): RuinsExcavation [at] gmail [dot] com

Important Notes:

* Payment: a small advance of $20, and royalties if the book earns out.
* Realistic protagonist preferred; avoid the kick-ass fantasy woman in revealing outfit wearing heels variety.
* Consider all ages for the protagonist's age; i.e. she doesn't have to be a young person.
* We are soon launching an indiegogo fundraiser. Some of this book might be funded from that.
* We expect to have our selections made, and final replies back to all the authors of the submissions by early spring 2014.

This book will be the fourth in our series of Ruins anthologies. The last one was published in 2008 and we're happy to be continuing with these again.

Hadley Rille Books


Re: Women of Color

I would go with this, which is how Women of Color in the Arts defines it:

"WOCA defines a woman of color as a woman of African, Latin, Asian, Middle-Eastern or Native American descent - historically under-represented groups working in the performing arts field."

Re: Women of Color

I'm assuming that indigenous Australian would also qualify?

Re: Women of Color

Yes. (Surprised not to see them mentioned in WOCA's definition.)

Re: Women of Color

Just added a link with WOCA's definition.

Definition of "Earth"?

How much latitude is there in Earth as a setting? Would alternate histories, or a futuristic setting, be allowed?

Re: Definition of "Earth"?

Alternate histories/futuristic settings are fine.

Woman of Color

So I'm guessing an alien archaeologist is right out. ;-)

That's okay, I can work with it.

Hmm, since everyone is the hero (or heroine) of their own story, could I make the protagonist a member of a political/religious group which are presented as the "bad guys" in a few of my other stories (eg The Chara Talisman)? I suppose it might be like using a Nazi archaeologist in an Indiana Jones setting, but if I can make the character sympathetic...


Re: Archaeologist

I'm curious: does the protagonist have to be a trained, professional archaeologist, or can she be someone without professional training (or without much of it) who finds herself in a situation where she must carry out the duties of an archaeologist in a sustained, serious way (i.e. excavate or make sense of the ruins)?


Jeremy E.

Re: Archaeologist

Jeremy, that should be fine.


Multiple Submissions?

What are the rules on multiple submissions for this anthology?

Re: Multiple Submissions?

Generally prefer just one submission, but two would be okay.