Eric T. Reynolds (ericreynolds) wrote,
Eric T. Reynolds

Desolate Places anthology Table of Contents

Cover photograph by Erich Hernandez-Baquero

The Desolate Places anthology from Hadley Rille Books. Stories of survival, reflections on life, coping with loneliness, awaiting rescue or struggling to find a means of escape. How does the absence of civilization's clutter allow for the clearing of one's mind and for gaining a new appreciation for what was left behind? From Earth's deserts to barren asteroids to interstellar space light-years from Earth. 40 stories. Over 400 pages, 150,000+ words. Coming soon . . . .

Here are your guides to these new adventures:

Z.S. Adani,alaneer "Tomb"
Camille Alexa,littlebirdblue "Flying Solo"
Michael Anthony "Don't Leave, She Said"
Tom Barlow "Honeymoon at the Pearly Gate"
Paul L. Bates "Red"
Chris Benton "All Quiet on the Vega Front "
Skadi meic Beorh "Ozymandias Redux"
Brenta Blevins "Bone Wars"
Gustavo Bondoni,bondo_ba "Tenth Orbit"
Sue Burke "A Poor, Desert Planet "
Jean-Michel Calvez "The Days After "
Scott Christian Carr "A Helmet Full of Hair "
Willis Couvillier,will_couvillier "Adrift"
Jennifer Crow,kythiaranos "A Requiem for the Sons of Kings"
Hazel Dixon,hazeldixon "Acid Rain Rocks"
F.V. "Ed" Edwards "A Dream?"
Sara Genge "Death and Love in Gehanna "
Jude-Marie Green,saycestsay "Weapons of Mass Destruction"
Max Habilis "The Ugly Ones"
James Hartley "Someone is Dying"
Shelley Savran Houlihan "It's a Dog's Life"
Davin Ireland "Engaging the Idrl"
Meghan Jurado "Husk"
Stephen Graham King "Nor Winter's Cold"
Fran LaPlaca "The Road"
Gerri Leen "Lucky Shot"
C. A. Manestar, clockwork_zero "Gifts of Bone"
Paul E. Martens "Gray"
Lyn McConchie "A Wilderness of Sand"
Alex Moisi "History"
Mari Ness,mariness "End of Time"
Stephen D. Rogers "Blown to Dust"
Trent Roman "Empty Epochs"
Shaun Ryan "The Peach"
Lawrence M. Schoen,klingonguy "What Doesn't Stay in Vegas"
Cavan Scott "The Last"
Katherine Shaw "Honeymoon"
Douglas Smith "Enlightenment"
Eric Vogt,suibhne_geilt "Geisterbahnhof Trinity"
Bill Ward "Together--Nowhere"

Edit: Here's the nearly finished whole cover layout showing Erich's complete photograph. Fascinating place.

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