December 22nd, 2006

Visual Journeys, A Tribute To Space Art

I've started on a new anthology project, my second as a freelance SF editor, and it's getting exciting with all the talent that is going to be involved. The book will be called VISUAL JOURNEYS and subtitled A TRIBUTE TO SPACE ART (or maybe A TRIBUTE TO SPACE ARTISTS). Some really great SPACE ARTISTS are on board including Michael Carroll, Bob Eggleton, Ron Miller, Wolf Read, Joe Tucciarone, Frank Wu. And legendary Chesley Bonestell will be represented as well. Many talented and prolific authors are on board including Frank Wu (artist and author), James Van Pelt, Justin Stanchfield, Mike Resnick, G. David Nordley, Ron Miller (artist and author), Christopher McKitterick, Will McDermott, Paul E. Martens, Jay Lake, Kelly Green, Tom Dupree, Rich Chwedyk, Willis Couvillier, Michael A. Burstein, Tobias S. Buckell, Terry Bramlett, Brian Blalock. Terry Bisson, James Gunn and Trent Walters are considering contributing depending on schedules.

Plan is for it be out in time for some summer cons including the Heinlein Centennial in July, and Archon/NASFiC in August.

This project is going to be more fun than I can imagine. The authors are choosing works of space art and writing stories based on them similar to the old pulp tradition. So, the book will contain color plates of each chosen work of art followed by the story that's based on it.