Eric T. Reynolds (ericreynolds) wrote,
Eric T. Reynolds

Return to Luna Winning Stories and Honorable Mentions

The Winning Return to Luna Entries:

"Visual Silence" by M.C. Chambers - The Grand Prize Winner
"Black Ice" by F.R.R. Mallory
"In Their Own Words" by Brenta Blevins
"Apples on the Moon" by Karen T. Smith
"Best Gift" by Brandon Bell
"Growing Season in Mare Frigoris" by Benjamin Abbott
"Coping Mechanisms" by Gerri Leen
"Joe the Martian Goes To The Moon" by Ken Edgett
"Final Arrangements" by J.M. Fisher
"One Last Haul" by Mark J. Soppet
"Ménage à Trois" by Gustavo Bondoni
"The Return" by David Schibi
"The Platinum Desolation" by Andrew Barton
"Coyote and the Gamblers" by Shauna Roberts
"Book of the Dead" by Sarah A. Eastly
"Misdirected" by Adam Israel

The Honorable Mentions:

"Fermi's Paradox" by Giorgio Gaviraghi
"The Foothills of Shackleton" by David L. Clements
"The Day" by Russell A. Dale
"SMOG" by Jean-Michel CALVEZ
"Jumper: First Cat on the Moon" by Michael Janzen
"Growing Up" by Karen Szymczyk
"Moondust" by Kate Kelly
"Winter Solstice" by Jamie Eyberg
"Stargazing" by Alex Moisi
"Paying the Price" by Dorothy Diehl
"Treading the Regolith" by Catherine J. Gardner
"Lunar Decisions" by Eric Conrad
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