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May 2019



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Return to Luna Winning Stories and Honorable Mentions

The Winning Return to Luna Entries:

"Visual Silence" by M.C. Chambers - The Grand Prize Winner
"Black Ice" by F.R.R. Mallory
"In Their Own Words" by Brenta Blevins
"Apples on the Moon" by Karen T. Smith
"Best Gift" by Brandon Bell
"Growing Season in Mare Frigoris" by Benjamin Abbott
"Coping Mechanisms" by Gerri Leen
"Joe the Martian Goes To The Moon" by Ken Edgett
"Final Arrangements" by J.M. Fisher
"One Last Haul" by Mark J. Soppet
"Ménage à Trois" by Gustavo Bondoni
"The Return" by David Schibi
"The Platinum Desolation" by Andrew Barton
"Coyote and the Gamblers" by Shauna Roberts
"Book of the Dead" by Sarah A. Eastly
"Misdirected" by Adam Israel

The Honorable Mentions:

"Fermi's Paradox" by Giorgio Gaviraghi
"The Foothills of Shackleton" by David L. Clements
"The Day" by Russell A. Dale
"SMOG" by Jean-Michel CALVEZ
"Jumper: First Cat on the Moon" by Michael Janzen
"Growing Up" by Karen Szymczyk
"Moondust" by Kate Kelly
"Winter Solstice" by Jamie Eyberg
"Stargazing" by Alex Moisi
"Paying the Price" by Dorothy Diehl
"Treading the Regolith" by Catherine J. Gardner
"Lunar Decisions" by Eric Conrad



YAY! I'm an honorable mention.



Return to Lunar

I am posting mine on the internet since it didn't get mentioned here...

Ron B


Ooh, an honorable mention for me too. :-) Now I'm feeling extra motivated to come up with something good to send in to Footprints.



I keep looking at this list and can't help but think this is either some unbelievable dream or some incredible practical joke.

Whatever it is, congratulations to everyone who made it on both lists. Woo!

Andrew Barton


Luna Contest

Although my first-ever attempts at the genre were a flop, the journey was great fun. All the best to the winners and thanks again to Eric T. and his associates for the opportunity.

Eric M. Fischer


When Can We Read 'em

Congratulations to all the winners and honorable mentions!!! When/where can we read them? An anthology comes out when? The next issue of Ad Astra Magazine will have some, all?
On a different note: the panel of judges had a difficult job, because of many good entries including 4 from our local L5 society. They had to consider not just good writing (our entries, of course met that criterion :)), but also fit of theme. My mystery/spy thriller/family story no doubt barely satisifed the minimum in theme, or was possibly antithetical to the required theme, but I'm hoping my writing style was acceptable. I will re-examine my copy before sending it on to Dr. Stan at Analog magazine.
And, a big thank you to the National Space Society (NSS) for holding the contest, and to Hadley Rille Books and the judges.
- Cle' Curbo

Re: When Can We Read 'em

The plan is for the anthology to be out late this year. The grand prize winner will also appear in Ad Astra.
Congratulations to everyone!