Eric T. Reynolds (ericreynolds) wrote,
Eric T. Reynolds

Announcing the Contributors to A Quiet Shelter There anthology

From steampunk to old norse legend, from ancient egypt to outer space, the authors and poets in A Quiet Shelter There explore the
love, comfort, and assistance that animals (and other creatures) provide.

To help benefit: Friends of Homeless Animals shelter (

Edited by: gerrileen
Published by: Hadley Rille Books
Publish timeframe: Summer 2012

Cover mock-up posted soon!

K.C. Ball
Dana Barnett
Jenny Blackford
Charlene Logan Burnett
Fern G. Z. Carr
John Thomas Clark
P.S. Cottier
Elizabeth Creith
Joyce Frohn
Lyn C. A. Gardner
Mark Hauer
Lynn Hoffman
Jack Horne
Michael Lee Johnson
Paula Jones
Alexander B. Joy
Kurt Kirchmeier
Bruce Lader
Kevin Lauderdale
William Leisner
Christina Lovin
Christine Lucas
Joe Massingham
Melissa Mead
Lisa Millar
Scott Pearson
Cat Rambo
Annie Reed
Carla Richards
Shauna Roberts
J.L. Rowan
Richard Schiffman
Wendy Schmidt
Diana Sherman
Amy Sisson
Marydale Stewart
Katherine Tomlinson
Rachel Towns
A.B. Treadwell
Susan Vespoli
R.K. Wheadon

Hadley Rille Books
Tags: animal shelter, anthologies, fantasy, fiction, gerri leen, homeless animals, poetry, publishing, science fiction
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