World Jumping anthology Table of Contents


We're happy to announce the table of contents for our new ebook anthology World Jumping, edited by me, Eric T. Reynolds, to be published by Hadley Rille Books at the end of this year.

And a stellar line-up it is:

"Thrice the Sanity" by Marilag Angway
"Raphael Rising" by Cliff Winnig
"Gravity’s Dance" by Michael A. Burstein
"Yesterday’s Shadow" by Lou J. Berger
"Toto’s Anti-Aging Machine" by Galit Dahan-Carlibach
"Bounds of Set" by Heather McDougal
"Far, Far From Land" by Jude-Marie Green
"Ringflow" by Tom Dupree
"An Equal and Opposite Reaction" by Max Habilis
"The Librarian of Talimbourne" by Kim Vandervort
"Creatures of Light" by Karin Rita Gastreich
"Jingle" Terri-Lynne DeFino
"Trial of the Century" by Lawrence M. Schoen

Hadley Rille Books Call for Submissions

Hadley Rille Books Call for Submissions

Book Title: Ruins Excavation
Editors: Eric T. Reynolds & Rose Reynolds
Publisher: Hadley Rille Books
Publication: 2014
Formats: Ebook, Print, and maybe Audio.
Genre: An anthology of Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance, Historical, and Mainstream stories with an Archaeology theme.

I'll keep it simple and let you, the author, figure out how to do it, but there are some requirements to follow.  (Note, these are *requirements* so if these aren't satisfied, then I can't accept the story, even if it's fantastically fantastic.) How you want to handle these requirements is up to you, just make it good!

Story requirements:

1) The protagonist is a Woman of Color who is an Archaeologist. (The cover art will reflect this.)
2) The protagonist will encounter/be working in Ruins somewhere on Earth.
3) These ruins can be on anywhere on Earth. Real or Fictitious ruins are fine. (If you set your story in known ruins, do your homework!)
4) No gratuitous sex or violence.
5) The story can be from 1500 to 6000 words.
6) Will begin accepting stories on 1-Oct-2013.
7) Deadline for stories: 28-Feb-2014.
8) Send the story in .rtf format as an attachment to this address (without the spaces): RuinsExcavation [at] gmail [dot] com

Important Notes:

* Payment: a small advance of $20, and royalties if the book earns out.
* Realistic protagonist preferred; avoid the kick-ass fantasy woman in revealing outfit wearing heels variety.
* Consider all ages for the protagonist's age; i.e. she doesn't have to be a young person.
* We are soon launching an indiegogo fundraiser. Some of this book might be funded from that.
* We expect to have our selections made, and final replies back to all the authors of the submissions by early spring 2014.

This book will be the fourth in our series of Ruins anthologies. The last one was published in 2008 and we're happy to be continuing with these again.

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Jingle romance fairy tale short story by Terri-Lynne DeFino

Creatures of Light romance fantasy short story by Karin Rita Gastreich

The Librarian of Talimbourne romance fantasy short story by Kim Vandervort

Cupid for a Day romance fantasy novelette by Julia Dvorin

Faire Aria romance fantasy novelette by Kim Vandervort

The Poets of Pevana romance fantasy novel by Mark Nelson

Anti-aging machine-etr2a-lr
Toto's Anti-aging Machine science fiction short story by Galit Dahan-Carlibach

Taking Care of Old Burt science fiction short story by Eric T Reynolds (Thursday only)

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Hadley Rille Books celebrates 7 years with an ebook sale

Happy birthday, Hadley Rille Books!

The publishing company was founded November 29, 2005, and today we are temporarily offering all of our ebook titles for 99 cents each. That includes our newest releases.

Do you have any our titles you'd recommend?

Here's what we published this month:

Heather McDougal's new clockpunk novel:

Julia Dvorin's new fantasy novel:

Lawrence M. Schoen's new collection of Amazing Conroy stories:

Hadley Rille titles, editors, artists that are...

...eligible for Hugo/Nebula nominations:

Best Novel,
Best Novella,
Best Short Story,
Best Editor Long Form,
Best Fan Artist,
Campbell Award for Best New Writer

If you'd like a PDF of any of these works to consider for nominating, email me at
c o n t a c t   at   h a d l e y r i l l e b o o k s  dot  c o m

(Most book webpages are up to date, but we're still updating a couple...)


EOLYN by Karin Rita Gastreich


SHAPERS' VEIL by M.C. Chambers

BETA TEST by Eric Griffith


"Theatre of Curious Acts" by Cate Gardner

From The Last Outpost and Other Tales by Z.S. Adani
"Prismatrix" by Z.S. Adani 
"Caretaker Gods" by Z.S. Adani

"Thrice the Sanity" by Marilag Angway (from the Hadley Rille flash fiction contest, published in HADLEY RILLE NEWS)
thumbnail (link to page)


Eric T. Reynolds, editor Hadley Rille Books


Jesse Smolover (EOLYN cover art)
Ginger Sundquist Prewitt (EOLYN map)
Rachael Mayo (BUFFALITO DESTINY & SHAPERS' VEIL cover art)
Tobias Roetsch (THE LAST OUTPOST AND OTHER TALES cover art)
Kerry Barnes & Brett Bossard (BETA TEST cover art)
Simone Held (THEATRE OF CURIOUS ACTS cover art)

For details on each artist's work for Hadley Rille see


Shauna Roberts
Erin Hartshorn abennettstrong

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We worked with several brilliant artists in 2011 at Hadley Rille Books. Here's what they created for us (in the order of appearance). These are the images without the text overlay.

Artists featured are: Jesse Smolover, Ginger Sundquist Prewitt, Rachael Mayo, Tobias Roetsch, Kerry Barnes & Brett Bossard, Simone Held, and Li Cheng.

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Announcing the Contributors to A Quiet Shelter There anthology

From steampunk to old norse legend, from ancient egypt to outer space, the authors and poets in A Quiet Shelter There explore the
love, comfort, and assistance that animals (and other creatures) provide.

To help benefit: Friends of Homeless Animals shelter (

Edited by: gerrileen
Published by: Hadley Rille Books
Publish timeframe: Summer 2012

Cover mock-up posted soon!

K.C. Ball
Dana Barnett
Jenny Blackford
Charlene Logan Burnett
Fern G. Z. Carr
John Thomas Clark
P.S. Cottier
Elizabeth Creith
Joyce Frohn
Lyn C. A. Gardner
Mark Hauer
Lynn Hoffman
Jack Horne
Michael Lee Johnson
Paula Jones
Alexander B. Joy
Kurt Kirchmeier
Bruce Lader
Kevin Lauderdale
William Leisner
Christina Lovin
Christine Lucas
Joe Massingham
Melissa Mead
Lisa Millar
Scott Pearson
Cat Rambo
Annie Reed
Carla Richards
Shauna Roberts
J.L. Rowan
Richard Schiffman
Wendy Schmidt
Diana Sherman
Amy Sisson
Marydale Stewart
Katherine Tomlinson
Rachel Towns
A.B. Treadwell
Susan Vespoli
R.K. Wheadon

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